Small Dictionary of Modern Greek – 5th edition

Mikro Lexico

5th edition (2022), coloured
Format: Flexi cover
Pages: 1.440
Size:  125 x 195mm
ISBN: 978-960-9582-21-6

Essential Modern Greek vocabulary in an easy-to-carry pocket format.

  • More than 125.000 headwords, senses and phrases
  • Syllabification of every headword
  • Declension and conjugation tables
  • Spelling Table for words that are difficult to spell
  • Concise  and useful information on language usage
  • Selected vocabulary from school subjects
  • Colour design

Back in 2006, an inquiry based on carefully prepared questionnaires was carried out during two seminars organised by Lexicology Centre and Arsakeia Schools on language teaching and dictionary use in the classroom. The results demonstrated that many language teachers are convinced that the most appropriate dictionary for school use should be small, concise and easy to carry, literally a vademecum.

For this reason, the Lexicology Centre proceeded in 2006 to the publication of a new dictionary, the Small Dictionary of Modern Greek, a small-format dictionary, easy to carry in almost every workplace (school, office, home, travel, alternating workplaces etc.).

Now, the Small Dictionary of Modern Greek, in its fifth updated edition (2022), utilised linguistic material collected after the fourth edition and applied many necessary modifications and improvements. New entries were added from the field of informatics, technology and the Internet, as well as from political and economic current affairs.

The constant enrichment of lexicographical material is a necessary factor, so that this dictionary proves to be a complete, functional and easy to use guide, being the largest Small Dictionary of Modern Greek.

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