Dictionary of Derivatives and Compounds

1st edition (2016) coloured
Pages: 996
Size: 153 x 237 mm
ISBN: 978-960-9582-09-4

The offspring of the words…

The Dictionary of Derivatives and Compounds of Modern Greek offers a multifaceted focus of Modern Greek vocabulary, including cognates, derivatives and compounds. It is a rich reference tool that actually describes the way and the procedure by which words are created from other words.

It includes:

  • 64.000 derivatives and compounds of selected headwords
  • 4.300 compound groups (on first and second component)
  • 350 notes on selected entries (addressing word formation, spelling, cognates etc.)
  • 300 tree diagrams depicting the derivational wealth of selected words

Special features:

  • a clear and readable introduction to word formation and compounding in Modern Greek
  • detailed presentation (in distinctively separate fields) of each entry’s derivatives and compounds
  • accurate etymological information for all entries

Coloured insert including:

  • the most important prefixes and suffixes (with rich supporting material, semantic information and appropriate examples)
  • tree diagrams (featuring for the first time in such a dictionary), depicting the process of word formation (how words are coined, derived or formed from other words)
  • tables classifying the words by their derivational wealth


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