Dictionary of Difficulties and Common Errors

1st edition, (2014) coloured
Laminated hardcover
12,5 x 19,5 cm

A Companion to the usage of Greek

A practical linguistic advisor for speakers and learners of Modern Greek, specially designed to provide reliable information and clear explanations for most common errors and difficulties (in spelling, grammar, meaning, syntax, vocabulary and usage).
It focuses on the key problem areas in Modern Greek usage, dealing with those errors which practically appear in everyday spoken and written language, but also goes on to identify the problems underlying each difficulty, providing the reader
with plain, explicit answers.

The dictionary contains 5.500 head entries on:

  • common errors in language use
  • difficulties concerning grammar, spelling or vocabulary choice
  • queries on differences between synonyms and commonly confused words
  • useful advice on good linguistic choices

Distinctive features of the dictionary:

  • Common errors and difficulties are presented as headwords to help the reader locate them quickly and easily
  • In-depth articles provide explicit and comprehensive information on certain key problem areas and groups of related errors
  • Special coloured insert with tables on grammar and spelling
  • Systematic cross-references and useful indexes for headwords and in-depth articles


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