Dictionary for the school and the office – 3rd edition

3rd edition, (2012) coloured
: Laminated hardcover
Pages: 1600
Size: 153 x 237mm
ISBN: 978-960-9582-03-2

A practical dictionary specially designed for everyday use at school and at work, providing up-to-date coverage of essential Modern Greek vocabulary, grammar and usage.

Distinctive features of the dictionary:

  • Colour edition
  • Concise grammar
  • Declension and conjugation tables
  • Special spelling insert with rules and tables
  • Concise and useful encyclopaedic information
  • Selected original drawings
  • Hyphenation of all head entries

What to look for in the 3d edition:

125.000 entries and senses
58.000 examples
600 new entries
15.000 synonyms and antonyms
3.500 notes on usage, etymology, synonyms and spelling
4.000 proper names and place names
400 acronyms


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