Dictionary of Proper Names

Α΄ edition (2022) coloured
Pages: 688
Dimentions: 16,8 x 24,0
ISBN: 978-960-9582-20-9

The brand new Babiniotis Dictionary of Proper Names covers the fascinating history of the most significant and well-known proper names -place names and personal names- explaining their origin and meaning and exploring their historical background.


  • over 2.700 place names and personal names, Greek and foreign, ancient and modern
  • reliable in-depth etymological information on each entry
  • extended historic and encyclopaedic details
  • authoritative dating of foreign names’ first occurrence or earliest reference in Greek
  • monitoring the history of proper names from the sources
  • the most familiar diminutives, pet forms and shortened personal names
  • family names / surnames deriving from first names
  • a special appendix with recapitulative comments, assembling and analysing common features of the various entries (e.g., place names and personal names originating from names given to animals, plants, rivers, things etc.), thus bringing out certain fundamental principles of onomatology

 The dictionary that combines scientific information with the sheer pleasure of wandering —through the names— over thousands of places, foreign and Greek, and the joy of getting acquainted with the names of hundreds of people, Greek and foreign, through their history.

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