Dictionary of Modern Greek, 5th edition

5th edition, (2019) coloured
: Laminated hardcover
Pages: 2.316
Size:   194 x 263mm
ISBN: 978-960-9582-14-8

The most comprehensive and up-to-date dictionary of Modern Greek.

  • More than 150.000 senses
  • Etymology of all the words of Modern Greek (including place names, personal names etc.) as well as etymology of the words which derive from ancient Greek
  • 1075 notes on usage and queries on difficulties concerning grammar, spelling or vocabulary choice
  • Tables on spelling, irregular verbs, the hyphenation rules, cardinal and ordinal numbers, the military ranks and the Army / Police hierarchy, the world currencies, chemical elements, the main paronyms, the Indo-European languages, the Court structure etc.
  • A short history of the Greek language covering a period of 40 centuries
  • An overview of grammars and dictionaries of Modern Greek since the 16th century
  • A highly readable and reliable linguistic tool, providing explicit and comprehensive information
  • A dictionary which broadens, deepens and enriches the knowledge and the usage of Modern Greek

What to look for in the 5th edition:

1.100 new entries
150 new acronyms
4.700 new or revised etymologies
Many entries have undergone extensive elaboration, enhancement and refinement
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