Professor G. Babiniotis’ explains the history and the adventures of the Greek writing, all the way from the very beginning to the orthography of modern Greek.
A fascinating book treating the contri-bution of the Greek alphabet to contemporary civilisation, a civilisation of written language.

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GEORGE BABINIOTIS – Greek Dictionaries
Dictionary of Modern Greek 

The most comprehensive and up-to-date dictionary of Modern Greek
Dictionary for the School and Office

specially designed for everyday use at school and at work
Small dictionary of Modern Greek

Essential Modern Greek vocabulary in an easy-to-carry pocket format
Dictionary of Derivatives and Compounds

The offspring of the words…
Dictionary of Difficulties and Common Errors

A practical linguistic advisor for speakers and learners of Modern Greek
Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms

A dictionary which broadens, deepens and enriches the knowledge and the usage of Modern Greek
Etymological Dictionary of Modern Greek

The essential etymological resource for the expert and the perfect book for the word lover.
Spelling Dictionary of Modern Greek

The only Greek spelling dictionary which clearly and in-depth teaches spelling
Dictionary of the Most Advanced Words

focuses on enriching the speaker’s vocabulary with advanced, demanding or difficult words